21 Best Flirty Knock Knock Jokes to Win Your Sweetheart

21 Best Flirty Knock Knock Jokes to Win Your Sweetheart

Moving on from the funniest movie knock knock jokes, it’s time to present to you something a bit more corny. These knock knock jokes will not only help in making the woman you are trying to impress laugh but will also reflect the flirty and naughty side of you. Whenever you are making an attempt to get in the good books of a woman you are madly in love with, humor can play a crucial role. A cool sense of humor instigates women to get to know you better and helps men to slowly creep into their lives as someone who cares! Try these jokes out and see how things pan out! Best of luck!

1 – I’m Falling in Love with You!

Elvis Presley lives forever! For those of you who have listened to this all time hit perfect-for-Valentine’s-Day song, a knock knock joke can’t get better than this! Go! Win your sweetheart!

2 – Honeydew!

This one is probably one of the most cheesiest, corniest and commonplace pick up lines to have been used in the entire history of mankind. You should also give it a try!

3 – I love you!

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?; I can see it in your eyes; I can see it in your smile; You’re all I’ve ever wanted; And my arms are open wide; ’cause you know just what to say; And you know just what to do; And I want to tell you so much; “I love you!â€

4 – I’ll Do Anything for You!

Emotions get a whole lot intense here with this pretty sentimental knockn knock joke! This one shows deep love for the woman you are in love with!

5 – De Niro!

You can’t keep Robert De Niro out of anything, can you! He’s there threatening to punch the President Elect Donald J. Trump right in the face before the election. And after it, he backtracks, saying that he could not fight the most powerful man on earth! And here he is again! Interfering in your love life! Give it a break, De Niro! Will you?

6 – Egg-cited to Meet You!

If you are getting really crazy and can’t wait to meet the love of your life, then, we say you are “egg-citedâ€! This really is an egg-cellent joke for the woman you are trying to impress.

7 – Love’s in the Air!

You begin to feel butterflies in your tummy as soon as your loved one is near you! “Candice†be love you are feeling right now? Well, it probably is!

8 – Want a Kiss?

Here’s yet another cheesy pick up line! You can get a kiss from me, if you open the goddamn door! That’s the only condition here.

9 – Who’s the Prettiest of All?

This knock knock joke may seem corny, but you can play it up any way you like. You could add a little flirty edge to it by saying she is the prettiest woman of them all!

10 – Flowers for Your Flower!

Enough of talking! It’s time for some action. With this knock knock joke, you want to bring the lady some flowers. There’s nothing better than fresh beautiful flowers to win a woman’s heart!

Knock knock!
Who’s there?
Aretha who?
Aretha flowers for you.

11 – Having Fun, Are You?

Such a cute, sweet and charming knock knock joke could sweep a woman right off from her feet.

12 – Things Start Heating Up!

Intense emotions are getting the better of you and now you are truly into this girl. So much so that you want her to wrap her arms around you!

13 – Cheese a Cute Girl!

Every girl loves being praised and adored! Grab the attention of the woman of your life with this cheesy knock knock joke. You can tell her she is cute and she’ll love it!

14 – Will You Marry Me?

You better get your prenup ready before you try this one out. This, though, is a pretty cute proposal. Surprise her and win her over!

15 – Can’t Kiss from Outside!

Express your love for the woman you love the most with this cute and flirty knock knock joke!

16 – Looking for a Valentine?

If you are having trouble while looking for a valentine, then, perhaps this cute little knock knock joke could be of help. She won’t be able to say no after having a good laugh!

17 – Calm Your Upset Woman Down!

You’ll be my sunny day; I’ll be your shade tree; You’ll be my honeysuckle; I’ll be your honey bee!

18 – Don’t you Recognize Your Boyfriend?

Time to unleash the truth! Let your girl know who you are and she should have no problem with it!

19 – Show Your Love!

Making an effort to show your love is something very important. This is a very sweet and cute joke that shows your love and affection for the woman you are so madly in love with!

20 – A Big Kiss!

Tell your love that you only want three things: See her, hug her and kiss her!

21 – Step into My Web!

A knock knock joke to trick the woman you are trying to impress into kissing you! Sounds quite corny and why don’t you give it a shot! It might work out!

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Oct. 19 is National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day

Greene Publishing, Inc.

While you may not have them off from work or printed on your refrigerator calendar, hundreds of national holidays exist; several take place each day! Many of these holidays were created in jest, and others honor lesser known historical figures and public servants. Whether World UFO Day (July 2),Book Lovers Day (August 9) or National Cream Filled Donut Day (September 14), you can find a unique way to celebrate each and every day.

You may not think much about your local chamber of commerce, especially if you are not a local business owner, but the history of the chamber of commerce goes back into the year 1599, when the first chamber of commerce was formed in Marseille, France. 65 years later, another chamber opened in Bruges, which was then part of the Spanish Netherlands.

However, an english-speaking chamber of commerce was not founded until February of 1768, when Jersey (in England) opened a chamber of commerce.

Later that year, 20 New York City merchants founded the first American chamber of commerce.The chamber still exists as the Partnership for New York City.

Today, chambers of commerce are important parts of every community they are located in. While they are not a government institution, and therefore have no direct role in the writing or passage of laws, chambers frequently lobby for laws that are favorable to the businesses and communities they serve. Chambers also work closely with various youth organizations in their communities.

Through promoting local businesses, lobbying, and providing networking for business owners, chambers of commerce help build up the community.

Once a year, the third Wednesday in October is named the Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day. This year, that falls on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

A few ways to help support your local chamber (and in turn, your community) are:

Become a member. Business aren’t the only groups that can join a chamber of commerce! Currently, Madison County’s Chamber of Commerce has members from businesses, of course, but also churches, local government leaders and various individuals. If you care about promoting and supporting local business, joining your local chamber of commerce is the best way to do that. Joining also provides an opportunity to network with others who have the same desires you have in helping support your community.

If you are already a member, run for the board and encourage other people, churches and businesses to join. Volunteer to help with chamber events, such as Madison’s annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, or the monthly Business After Hours mixers. Go to meetings, and support other chamber businesses. If you have a business website, link to your chamber’s website from your own.

If you have concerns about your chamber, don’t tell it to everyone. Take your concerns directly to your chamber’s director instead of spreading bad feelings about the chamber; that doesn’t help anything but brings the status of your chamber of commerce down in the eyes of the community and in turn, damages the good that the chamber can do.

On the other hand, however, when you have something good to say about your chamber, say it! Send in a letter to the editor to your local paper thanking or praising your chamber, and of course, call or email the chamber so they know that people think they are doing a good job.

Advocate for your chamber at city meetings; make sure your local government doesn’t forget about your chamber of commerce when it comes to grants and funding.

Madison County’s Chamber of Commerce is located at 316 SW Pinckney St, in Madison, and can be reached at (850) 973-2788. The Chamber Director is Phyllis Williams. To get in touch with her, either call the chamber, or her personal line at (850) 973-8036. She can also be reached through email at [email protected] Visit the chamber’s website at www.madisonfl.org for a list of chamber members, board of directors, maps of Madison, and more.

NC Teacher Gives Each Student Personalized Handshake Every Day

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Most teachers start their day off with attendance, but a local teacher has found his own unique way to connect with students before they enter Room 219.

Barry White Junior teaches fifth-grade literacy at Ashley Park Elementary School.

The Title I school encourages teachers to find creative ways to engage with students. But before Mr. White incorporates “vocabulary shootout” and shoe-tapping songs into his curriculum, he tries to connect with each of his students.

“The most critical component is the relationship, the rapport you build with your students because sometimes it can go underrated or overlooked,” White says. “Before I’m able to deliver a substantial amount of content to them, they have to invest in the teacher.”

White says he wants his students to be excited about school. In an effort to bring joy and build trust, White began creating individual handshakes with students.

The idea came to the Cleveland Cavaliers fan when he noticed Lebron James doing handshakes with his inner-circle. White decided it would be a fun idea to bring to the classroom.

He first tried a special handshake with a student in another class.

“She would come see me before she went to class and sometimes she would get in trouble because she would wait to get the handshake,” White said. “Once I saw how simple, but how powerful it was to her, I thought it would be so cool to have for an entire class.”

It was a slam dunk. White says once the handshakes started, they became contagious.

“I said ‘Okay, if I can do 20, I can do 20 more I guess,” White said.

Today, White not only has a personalized handshake for every single one of his students in each of his three classes, he also has handshakes with volunteers, fellow educators, and students in other grades.

“That’s how he hypes our day up,” said White’s fifth-grade student Denise Hart.

The creation of the handshake itself is one of the ways the literacy teacher and student bond. White says the student comes up with a piece and then they fine tune it together. The fifth-grade teacher was part of founding the school’s step club, which is a form of percussion dance. He says students in the club like to incorporate steps as their unique piece.

“We collect and collaborate and come up with it together, so a lot of it is based on who they are,” White said. “That’s what I love, they came up with it so it’s really personalized to their personalities.”

The process of remembering the handshake also builds the connection. White says it’s all about muscle memory. The handshake needs to be done a couple of times to remember.

In the end, the handshake comes down to one thing: joy.

“I’m all about bringing joy to people’s lives and inspiring others to do so,” White says. “That’s really why I do (the handshakes), to bring joy to them.”

While spreading joy to students, White has been touched that the handshakes have inspired fellow educators. He has heard from current, up and coming and past educators about re-lighting their fire.

“That really makes my day when I get messages about how I inspired other adults,” White said. “I’m all about bringing joy to people’s lives and inspiring others to do so, hopefully, everybody can start doing it in their classroom.”

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National Sunglasses Day | National Holiday Celebrating UV Protection for Your Eyes by Wearing Sunglasses

Join the Movement

Celebrate Sunnies & Share the Message of UV Protection with National Sunglasses Day

Brought to you by The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day is a commemorative date held annually on June 27 celebrating the importance of wearing shades to protect the eyes from the sun’s harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays.

In 2017, National Sunglasses Day resulted in more than 836 million impressions, becoming an official trending topic on social media. The National Sunglasses Day message was spread throughout top-tier outlets. A snapshot of the coverage includes:

  • Online coverage: Bustle.com, People.com, FamilyCircle.com, Essence.com, InStyle.com and Yahoo.com among many others;
  • Broadcast coverage: “TODAY with Kathie Lee & Hoda,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “John and Heidi Show,” “Let’s Talk America” and “The Daily Buzz,” among many others;
  • Social media coverage: Celebrity Instagram posts from Audrina Patridge, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Hailee Steinfeld, David Ortiz and Christie Brinkley; publication Instagram posts from Who What Wear, ELLE, Marie Claire, Women’s Health and People Style; and sports team Instagram posts from Cleveland Cavaliers, the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots, the New York Mets and the New York Giants, among many others.

Get Involved In Preparation for National Sunglasses Day 2018!

Sunglass companies – Visit the “2018 Materials” page to check out print, online and social media marketing collateral pieces to bolster your sunglass sales.

Consumers – Practice sun-safe behavior by wearing your sunglasses throughout the year, as the sun’s UV rays are always at play. And by National Sunglasses Day, wearing them will be a regular habit. On June 27, don’t forget to celebrate #NationalSunglassesDay by posting a #SunglassSelfie in your favorite sunnies to social media.

Media – Add National Sunglasses Day to your editorial calendar, so you can share the message through your outlet and on your social media networks tagging #NationalSunglassesDay.

Questions and inquiries for more information can be directed to Lindsey Ruhe, The Vision Council’s marketing and communications manager. Media inquiries can be directed to Kelly Barry of BWR Public Relations.

National Hugging Day tm – Home

This is the Official Site for NATIONAL HUGGING DAY TM which has become an internationally recognized observation that embraces hugging. While some encourage hugging everyone, National Hugging Day always suggests asking first. Visit and Like my Facebook Page: National Hugging Day tm – January 21st Twitter: Follow me @hugambassador First published in Chase’s Annual Events in 1986, it has grown enormously in worldwide popularity leading many to suggest changing the name from “National” to “International.” A sample of locales include the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Guam, Austrailia, Georgia (the country), England, and Russia.

Special Event Notice:

Naam Yoga LA
1231 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

On June 1st, 2017, from 4 – 5:30PM Sing the World Awake! and NAAM YOGA LA are inviting you and your children to Sing for the Future of our world. This International Children’s Day, join us for a magical event to honor the children and let their voices be heard. The children will gather together in song, prayer, yoga and meditation to remind us of the innocence of our youth and what is needed to preserve it.

In the midst of our rapidly changing world, let us take this day to remember what is truly important. Join us on June 1st, International Children’s Day to remember the next generation and to be part of creating a beautiful, sustainable future.

See Photos Here

Jürgen Norbert Klopp Liverpool (UK) Premier League Football Club’s team manager. Sports is a well-known venue for hugging. Former German soccer player himself, Jürgen Klopp is one of many who freely hug others without the worry of being labeled or stigmatized. The classification of what a “Man-Hug” may look like is regularly demonstrated by this passionate sports figure.

“The Most Huggable Person of 2016” was…

– Special Olympian with Down Syndrome and former owner of Tim’s Place in Albuquerque, New Mexico (His birthday is also January 21st celebrating his 30th this year as well!). According to his website, “The most sought after item is one that never gets cold, is sweet but not too sweet, guilt free, calorie free, and guaranteed to brighten your day … a free hug from Tim himself. Our concept is breakfast, lunch, and hugs seven days a week!”

Tim hosted his first Hug-A-Thon in 2014 where he hugged more than 1000 people and raised $6,000 for a non-profit organization Firefighters Random Acts. In 2015, Tim hugged more than 2,000 people and earned $13,000 in donations.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DisneyBigHero6

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DisneyBigHero6

Website: http://movies.disney.com/big-hero-6/


DMA App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/disney-movies-anywhere-watch

1) Hugs make us feel “happy”! When we hug another person, our bodies release oxytocin, a hormone associated with “happiness,” according to scientific studies. [1]

2) Hugs alleviate stress! Just as a good hug increases our oxytocin levels, it decreases our cortisol or “stress” levels. [2]

3) Babies need hugs as much as water and food! According to researchers at Harvard University, hugs help promote normal levels of cortisol necessary for child development. [3]

4) Hugs make us better students! Students who receive a supportive touch from a teacher are twice as likely to volunteer in class. [4]

5) Hugs improve our game! Scientists at University of California, Berkley discovered that the more affectionate members of a team are with each other, the more likely they are to win. [4]

6) A hug a day keeps the doctor away! A hug stimulates the thymus gland, which in turn regulates the production of white blood cells that keep us healthy and disease-free. [5]

7) A hug stops the bug! Researchers at Carnegie Mellon proved that individuals who were sick and received hugs had less severe symptoms and were able to get better quicker. [6]

8) A hugging heart is a healthy heart! Research from University of North Carolina showed that a good hug helps ease blood flow and lower cortisol levels, which in turn help lower our heart rates. [7]

9) A hugging couple is a happy couple! Couples that experience their partners’ love through physical affection share higher oxytocin levels. [8]

10) Hugs let someone know you care without having to say a word! According to Dacher Keltner, professor of psychology at University of California, Berkeley, we can identify love from simple human touch – imagine how much love a big hug can communicate! [9]

[1] http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/11/101115160304.htm

[2] http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/01/05/touching.makes.you.healthier.health/

[3] http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/1998/06.11/OfHugsandHormon.html

[4] http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/23/health/23mind.html

[5] http://preventdisease.com/news/14/012314_9-Reasons-Need-Giving-Receiving-Hugs-Everyday.shtml

[6] http://bigthink.com/ideafeed/boost-your-immune-system-with-hugs

[7] http://www.prevention.com/health/health-concerns/hugs-boost-immune-health

[8] http://newsinhealth.nih.gov/2007/February/docs/01features_01.htm

[9] http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/hands_on_research

2014-the Youth of the World. With hugging gaining in popularity on such a global scale, there is evidence this movement is being supported by the youth of the international community. Its becoming the practice among most teenage youth greet their peers by hugging one another. According to a May 2009 New York Times article, it reported hugging has become the favorite social greeting when teenagers meet or part these days. Search YouTube for hug day and one will find many uploaded videos of youth hugging in celebration of National Hugging Day. Some can be seen below:

2013-Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant in Fort Pierce, Florida won this award. In September 2012, Scott was visited by President Obama at his restaurant. To everyone’s suprise, Scott actually picked up the President and began Bear Hugging! No question that daring hug earns this year’s top honor!

(photo credit: Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Photo)

2012- The founder of www.heavenlyhugangels.co m

… and Ellen Degeneres, talk show host and comedian, is seen as a hugger who demonstrates hugging her family, friends and guests (such as Greyson Chance, below).

“NATIONAL HUGGING DAY is a different form of sharing. We’ve got more than our quota of whiners and far too few huggers these days. Most of us have a little person inside who needs human contact in this stainless steel, computerized society where we are kept at arms length. Consider hugging as non-sexual, like a handshake or a high-five. Such personal contact makes you feel good. A good hug warms relationships between people. That’s what NATIONAL HUGGING DAY is all about. We’re not talking sex here. Part of the problem huggers face is this guarded age where hugs are easily misinterpreted and subject to a leering look or a lawsuit. A hug has a universal meaning of support, concern or just a way of saying, ‘I’m here.'” Chris Thompson, former Saginaw News (MI) columnist

Nominate “The Most Huggable People” of the Year (2017) HERE-> NOMINATE

Comment: Of recent concern is the growing number of schools and places of employment banning hugging. There is a fear of sexual harassment at the core of such bans. One of the most recent examples is of 17 year old student, Sam McNair, from Daluth, Georgia. His school reports he violated thier policy of sexual harassment when he hugged a teacher. Would the situation be different if he asked for permission first? Some schools have banned all physical contact, including hugging, which has led to student-led non-violent protests against such bans. Hugging should be open and safe. The problem with restictive hug policies is that hugging is evidence to be good for one’s soul, mind and behaviors.

(www.commentsclub.com) (Ref) http://www.easier.com/31293-a-hug-a-day-keeps-the-blues-away.html

Paul Tough, author of How Children Succeed, recommends more nurturing at home and school, and less drills to enhance cognitive skills. He notes children who are nurtured young with hugging are better able to cope with life’s stressors, focus on and persists on tasks, and have higher high school graduation rate and greater life success.

New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof, provides this comment. He notes the power of hugging shapes life courses of young people. He concluded this as a result of burgeoning modern liturature on the topic in economics, psychology, and neuroscience.

Whatever your age, hugging can be fun and is therapeutic!

We all hug in different ways and the way we hug means a lot. Batchelors Hug in a Mug has identified five different hugs we all use in everyday life – use this simple guide to see how that special person feels about you!

The Back to Front Hug is the perfect way to give support and affection to someone, even if they are busy carrying out a task like the washing up! Receiving a Back to Front Hug shows that you have someone who is always there for you and is a way of expressing love and affection for that person irrespective of what is received in return.

The Bear Hug is one of the hugs that we all consider to be the strongest. By squeezing your hugging partner gently, you can instantly give them reassurance and affection. But people tend to use Bear Hugs when they are excited or when they want to display strong affection. However remember, the best Bear Hugs require moderate squeezing not suffocating!

The Cheek Hug on the other hand is the complete opposite. We use the Cheek Hug when we need to comfort someone or show affection but this type of hug also allows us to keep our distance at the same time. The Cheek Hug may be used by anyone – elderly people who may not be able to hug tightly, people who are seated, colleagues, acquaintances and even friends and family.

The Side to Side Hug is a common sight we all see almost everyday. Most of us have all strolled down the road locked in a Side to Side Hug with someone. This casual hug allows us to demonstrate our affection for one another without being too intimate. It is also a way of conveniently hugging whilst carrying out other tasks such as walking, sitting down next to each other and standing in a queue for example.

The Heart Centred Hug is one we all enjoy. A slow, intimate and well-needed Heart Hug can lift anyone’s spirits and is the perfect way to show close family, friends and partners how much you care!

I found this new book. I think you will like it!

Check out Dr. K’s 21 Day Hugging Journey at:

National Handshake Day: What your handshake style says about you

Everyone has heard the old saying, “First impressions last a lifetime,” but many don’t realize how big of a role your handshake style plays.

“Think of your handshake as a gift you give when you first meet another person. It should be positive, friendly, warm, welcoming, and the other person should come away having enjoyed the interaction,” Denise Dudley, career guru and author of “Work It! Get In, Get Noticed, Get Promoted.”

Dudley says just like our behavioral traits, there are three types of handshakes: passive, aggressive, and assertive.

A passive handshake

Sometimes called “the dead fish,” because it actually feels a lot like you’re holding a dead fish, Dudley says. This handshake is when the person you’re shaking hands with offers only part of his or her hand, and when you take hold of it, it feels limp and noncommittal.

“You don’t feel as if you’ve really connected with this person. This type of handshake feels like a disappointment-often to both parties,” Dudley adds.
And that type of handshake immediately sends a message that you’re uncertain of yourself.

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“Generally speaking, that’s how passive people feel. They feel as if they have less personal power than others. They feel beaten down and defeated, so their handshakes are actually telegraphing their perceptions of themselves.”

An aggressive handshake

Sometimes called “the bone crusher,” because it feels as if you’re being mauled or manhandled by the other person. Dudley says people with aggressive handshakes may do one (or more) of these things: they might snatch your hand and squeeze it too hard; they might pump your arm too vigorously, or they might grab you and yank you toward them, rather than allow you to stand your distance. They might even clamp their left hand over your already-captured right hand, which feels like you’re completely trapped!

Dudley says an aggressive handshake sends a message that you are “overly self-confident” and “I want to dominate or control you.” Aggressive people believe they have more personal rights than others and they telegraph their superiority through more than just handshakes-through glaring eye contact, interruptions, and a myriad of other aggressive behaviors.

An assertive handshake

Dudley, says just like in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, an assertive handshake feels “just right.” Here’s how you do it: you point your right hand toward the other person’s right hand. You aim your thumb at the other person’s right shoulder. You and the other person “come in” to each other’s hands, and keep coming until the webs of your hands touch together. You wrap your fingers around one another’s hands and then you close. Your “squeeze” is gentle, but firm. You both “pump” your arms one to three times, with three being the norm in our particular culture. And while you’re doing all of this, you’re also making eye contact, smiling, and saying hello.

This type of handshake sends a message that you “feel comfortable with yourself” and that you feel comfortable in this situation.

National Read a Book Day – September 6 – National Today

National Read a Book Day – September 6Break out your reading glasses and favorite mug of hot coffee, because it’s National Read a Book Day on September 6! Some people just can’t stop reading, but most of us tend to put reading on the back burner with other “maybe later” activities like hitting the gym or cleaning the oven. Life can definitely get in the way of our reading time, but National Read a Book Day is the perfect opportunity to make some time in your life to read. Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic, a non-fiction buff, or a not-so-often reader, there is a book out there just for you. This holiday literately reminds us that entertainment isn’t limited to what you can watch on a screen or hear through your speakers. Books can bring whole new worlds to life, not to mention shed light on world events and share perspectives on the human experience in a way that other mediums just can’t. In a world of increasing technology and screen-based communication, National Read a Book Day encourages us to switch off and turn the pages for a while. On September 6, we invite you to curl up with a warm drink and join us for National Read a Book Day.

Why We Love National Read a Book Day

A. Books are troves of knowledge
Before the internet, books were the main means of storing, accessing, and spreading knowledge. And while the internet is amazing and efficient and better than books in a lot of ways, there are some compelling reasons to keep books around. First off, books don’t require a battery and you can access their data during a power outage. There is no server providing books with their information, so it is always ready, right at your fingertips. Books travel without cords or adapters, and while storage of books requires a lot more space than digital storage, a lot of people still prefer to read books in print rather than ebooks on a screen.

B. Reading makes you healthier
Studies show that people who read frequently show less signs of stress and higher problem solving abilities than people who don’t. Reading also improves your language comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills. Frequent readers tend to be more aware of cultural differences and social issues, and they also tend to be more compassionate and understanding. While reading a good book is no substitute for a trip to the doctor, National Read a Book Day promotes awareness for all the physical and mental benefits to reading.

C. It reminds us to keep reading
We’re not really a society of readers, but reading is important. In our high-speed era of video clips and SnapChat, books can start to seem kind of irrelevant. But National Read a Book Day is all about keeping that good thing going. Books are a great art form that we can enjoy now more than ever. We’ve got more access to books than past generations, and our technology makes text-based communications an intrinsic part of our lives. Why not keep reading?

How to Celebrate National Read a Book Day

1. Read a book
Maybe reading’s not your thing. Maybe the last time you read a book was in school. (Maybe you didn’t even read books in school.) But for National Read a Book Day, you can make an exception and thumb through a handbook about something that interests you. If you’re a less reluctant reader, pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read and get to it! Whether you like print books you can hold in your hands or digital books you swipe across the screen, decide on something
and read it. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Donate books to your library
Chances are you have a local public library, and chances are your library could use a helping hand. Though books have lost popularity of late, libraries do a lot of important work for their communities. Most libraries take donations and some will enlist volunteers to help with special events, community programs, and even daily library tasks. Donating books to your local library is a great way to share knowledge with your community, and book donations often help libraries flesh out their shelves.

3. Read to someone else
As humans, we were meant to tell stories. Cultures around the world have storytelling traditions that date back centuries. When you get together with your friends, you likely share stories about what you’ve experienced since the last time you saw each other. We all use stories as our main method of communicating with the world. But whether you’re telling a personal anecdote or you’re reading a book aloud, sharing a story with someone else is known to reinforce bonds and strengthen relationships overall. For National Read a Book Day, you could read to your children, your parents, grandparents, or volunteer at a school, library, or senior center.

National Read a Book Day – Key Moments

Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day

The Fredericksburg Brewing Insiders (FBI) held a “Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day” event at the Blue & Gray Brewery on Saturday, November 1. Many club members were on hand to give advice and offer samples of their beers. The club brewed an American Blonde Ale, and Aaron Zaccagnino (aka Zacc) took the lead on the brewing demonstration. I spent a couple of hours watching the demo, talking to the members, and of course, tasting some of the homebrews on hand.

The club put together a very nice display table with different hop and malt varieties. Visitors were encouraged to touch, taste and smell the ingredients. During the brewing demonstration we were also able to taste the wort at various stages in the process. There seemed to be a good amount of interest in the brewing process from visitors, and Zacc and other club members stayed busy answering questions.

I was able to sample a few of the members’ homebrews. There’s little that can beat fresh beer. I didn’t get the brewers’ names but I tasted a nice red ale and a very tasty porter. I also had a taste of Jamie Wilson’s Big Bug Wheat which won a silver at the 2008 Dominion Cup homebrew competition a few weeks ago. Even though I don’t homebrew it would certainly be a joy to visit a meeting of the FBI to enjoy more of these beers.

I enjoy a good cup of coffee as much as I do a good beer. Coffee Roasters of Fredericksburg was on hand at the brewery showing off some of their fresh roasted coffees. I tried all three of the coffees being offered and was especially impressed with the Indonesian Sumatra Mandeling with its deep roasted flavor. If you are looking for locally roasted and blended coffees, these are the folks you need to see. You can even call in or email an order and pick it up on Saturdays at the Blue & Gray Brewery!

The weather on Saturday morning was clear and warm. It was a perfect morning to spend time with friendly folks to talk about, and taste, homebrewed beer. Roxbury Farm and Garden was on hand with a display of homebrewing supplies they sell. Thanks go out to Jeff and the gang at Blue & Gray for their support of the event.

Pictures from “Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day” are here.

Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day- Nov 5th

Hi guys, just picked this up off the HBD and thought I’d pass it on. If I remember rightly we did something like this last year to join on to the American home brewing day. Just another good reason to brew if you ask me.

From HBD:
Subject: Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day

Calling All Homebrewers!

It’s time to brew some beer for the greater good. The American Homebrewers
Association’s 7th annual Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day is coming up on
November 5th (always held on the first Saturday in November). This is a day
of service…..well, and fun, if it’s not fun you’re not doing it
right…..where homebrewers around the globe gather their non-brewing
friends, neighbors, and family to teach them how to brew up some beer.

Why? Because more homebrewers = better world to live in!

Last year we had 1179 participants from 137 different sites. Help us make
this year even bigger. Sites registered before October 23 will be sent
copies of Zymurgy for Beginners, our 24-page guide for beginning homebrewers.

For details and to register your site see:


Gary Glass, Project Coordinator
Brewers Association
(303) 447-0816 x 121
gary at brewersassociation.org

I am helping a mate go to next step that weekend , using my mill to grind grains and my gear for his first partial , does that count? He is now [hope to be was] [email protected], can and 1k dex yeast from the can Guy.

I emailed them and I am in no problem. registed my friends non brewing site also.

im trying to persuade any Canberra AG’ers to do a demo on that day over on the canberrabrewers site as Ive never seen one in action

I thought the last one was held on the 7th May, or is that something different?

Was a great day up at John Griffens

I think we might have to do something that day. How about a few Sydney guys having a brew together. Maybe room for 4 mash tuns & boilers! BBQ will be firing.
What do you think?

I’d be up for that. Sounds like a good day to me.

This sounds like a good day.

I have a friend who has been wanting to do an AG day but has always been busy, I will have to book him for that sat.

Sounds like a great idea Gerard. Maybe re-distribute some of the xmas case if its been to/from newie.

I have a Buck’s Day on Nov %th so it looks like Sunday the 6th for me. I have 2-3 guys ready to put down their first All-Grain on the day. I will start a new thread for this when things are confirmed early next week.

Sure that counts, sounds like a good cause to me!

Gary Glass, Project Coordinator
Brewers Association
(303) 447-0816 x 121
[email protected]

Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day is November 5. Register your site at www.beertown.org/events/teach/index.html

This is the email reply I recieved, I asked him if helping a mate go to the next step [partials or AG counted] and yes it does. 😆

I thought the last one was held on the 7th May, or is that something different?

Was a great day up at John Griffens

As the 5th of November used to be Guy Faulkes Day before the authorities banned fireworks

maybe a few brews (and a few more) after lessons would ensure the day finishes with a bang.


As the 5th of November used to be Guy Faulkes Day before the authorities banned fireworks
maybe a few brews (and a few more) after lessons would ensure the day finishes with a bang.


I don’t have to worry about a big bang Pete. On my brew days, I drink a fair amount to apeeze the Beer Gods. It seems I always finish the day with a bang as I walk into the door or something.